From the recording Ceremonial Fanfare

2004 • Estimated timing: 1'30" • Grade 5View PDF score
“Ceremonial Fanfare is a bold one and a half minute work completed after a year of not composing. After the tragic passing of my mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law, it became difficult to concentrate and focus on composition or anything truly creative. In May 2004, the one year anniversary of their death, I looked to a work of my own to provide inspiration, Americans Lost. The original concept for the fanfare was to employ all the themes from the work. However, I found myself drawing on just one motive from the first movement titled "Fallen Remembrances." The five-note theme became a springboard of which the music began to flow. The work employs cascading and blocked chords, pedal tones in the low brass, and a march-like figure in the snare drum. I have dedicated Ceremonial Fanfare (on a remembrance theme) to my entire family. Without them, I would have not been able to resolve my emotional block and realize the possibility of a great life ahead.”