From the recording Journey down Niagara

2005 • Estimated timing: 3'30" • Grade 2
The composer writes, "Journey down Niagara was inspired by my trip to Niagara Falls, ON with my wife Kimberly. Celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary, we experienced the Maid of the Mist, White Water Walk, Journey behind the Falls as well as the falls themselves. The work attempts to musically capture the essence of those experiences. The work begins with a short introduction inspired by our ride to the Horseshoe Falls on the Maid of the Mist. The mist comes in short, drenching waves. White Water Walk makes up the first main statement with its disjunct and jagged musical gestures. Trillions of gallons of water are forced downstream from the falls through narrow and deep depressions. The result is one of the wildest and most relentless stretches of white water in the world. A brief interlude follows with a roaring sound in the percussion. The reverberation heard while experiencing Journey behind the Falls was not only heard but also felt. Our 'journey' in this work concludes with a broad overlook of Niagara Falls, full of spirit and majesty." Journey down Niagara is dedicated to my wife, Kimberly J. Tucker.
Thrid Prize Winner in Category 1 of the 2006 Frank Ticheli Composition Contest