From the recording Twilight in the Wilderness

2003 • Estimated timing: 8'30" • Grade 4
Twilight in the Wilderness is a musical impression of the body of works created by Hudson River school and landscape painter Frederick Edwin Church. Living around the time of the Civil War, this American painter covered his oil canvas with beautiful sunsets of the American landscape. Twilight in the Wilderness was commissioned jointly by the Hill Country Middle School Bands in Austin, Texas, Cheryl Floyd, Kevin Jedele, and Chuck Fishers, directors, and the University of Texas at Austin Symphony Band, Dr. Robert Carnochan, conductor.
The composer writes, "My main inspiration for this commission was Frederick Edwin Church's painting "Twilight in the Wilderness," a work of magnificence with a dark red sunset encompassing the lush mountains below. A bright clearing in the center of the painting creates a connecting boundary, of which a Hill Country Middle School student termed a Ray of Hope. The work is in two main sections connected by an interlude, possibly a bright and clear interlude. The first main section describes the painting from a "macro" point of view, very spacious and serene. The second main section represents the vibrancy of each individual color and how they create a harmonious interplay, the "micro" point of view. The term Ray of Hope became my final inspiration for the end of the piece when both sections come together ...the "macro" and "micro" are seen simultaneously." AWARDS:
Winner of the 2003 Biennial College Band Directors National Association Young Band Composition Competition Winner of the 2004 Claude T. Smith Memorial Band Composition Contest