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Christopher Tucker: Music Gallery


(Rev. 6.19.14)
(YYYY) represents year of completion, not year of publication.

Carah's Ballad "An Angel's Song", Kt 1
for symphonic band (1998)

Sonatina, Kt 2
for unaccompanied flute (1999)

Fujita 5, Kt 3
for symphonic band (1999)

Americans Lost, Kt 4
for symphonic band (2001)

Colloquies, Kt 5
for flute and oboe (2002)

Hues of Amber, Kt 6
for SSAATTBB Chorus (2002)

Miniature Overture, Kt 7
for Stravinsky septet (2002)

A Feather in the Morning Air, Kt 8
for double woodwind quintet (2002)

A Feather in the Morning Air, Kt 8a
for symphony orchestra (2002)

Pastorale and Scherzo, Kt 9
for F horn, violin, cello, harp and piano (2002)

Ceremonial Fanfare (on a theme of remembrance), Kt 10
for orchestral brass and percussion (2003)

Genyoesis, Kt 11
for organ and wind symphony (2003)

Young Band Collection No. 1, Kt 12
Winds of Enchantment
Amber Terrace Dreams
Animal Krackers
Journey down Niagara
for young band (2001-2007)

Anúnkasan, the Sky Spirit, Kt 13
for wind symphony (2006)

Sinfonietta No. 1 "Of Nature", Kt 14
I. Flourish by the Rock Wall
II. Gulf Breezes
III. Earth, The Gentlest Mother
IV. Twilight in the Wilderness
for symphonic band (2003-2009)

Fanfare Español, Kt 15
for brass and percussion (2006)

A Light in the Deep, Kt 16
for wind symphony (2007)

Legends, Kt 17
for wind symphony (2007)

Legendary Prelude to Sel, Kt 17/1
for wind symphony (2007)

Valor of the MNC-I, Kt 18
for symphonic band (2008)

Gabrieli's Trumpet, Kt 19
for wind symphony (2008)

Cement 13, Kt 20
for wind symphony (2009)

Cement 13, Kt 20a
for symphony orchestra (2010)

Chester Fanfare, Kt 21
for clarinet choir (2010)

Bright Rain's Hummingbird, Kt 22
for symphonic band (2010)

As Evening Splendors Fade, Kt 23
for chamber orchestra (2010)

Euphoric Sparks, Kt 24
for wind symphony (2010)

Young Band Collection No. 2, Kt 25
Serenade at Prospect Point
Vinyl Grooves
Cool Beans in Little Mexico
On Cliff's Edge
for young band (2008-2011)

Tango Apasionado, Kt 25/2a
for young band (2009)

Mission STS: Ecceda Terra, Kt 26
for symphonic band (2012)

Ragweed, Kt 27
for percussion ensemble (2012)

"Harmonie del Sur" Concertino, Kt 28
for trumpet, oboe, and wind ensemble (2012)

"Chasing Artemis" Concertino, Kt 29
for percussion trio and symphonic band (2013)

Cotten's Country, Kt 30
for wind symphony (2013)